The Kenny Reports

report My fundamental goal is to make a difference in our society wherever I possibly can. There are many problems and there are many difficult challenges faced in the day to day lives of young people in my community and similar deprived communities which I continue to champion.

“If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem”.

We need to work together as a whole to change society, from individuals to the families to the communities themselves as well as the government. We all have our part to play in pioneering change, for better education, housing, employment, support services, welfare benefits, and all the other key areas that affects day to day to day life of people in our communities. The problems aren’t as big as we portray them and if we change our way of thinking to realise that it is  only by a joint effort across the board from citizens to government that we will actually change things and be able to create a better place for us all.

My voice, like the voices of millions of young people across the UK, needs to be heard, to create the changes for more informed and effective policies. Too few young people are involved in politics at the moment, and even less are educated about the power they have to change the world around if only they step up to the plate and be an agent for change.

“The Kenny Reports” are a series of publications that voice the concerns of many young people across the UK. Ultimately the vision of “The Kenny Reports” is to inspire young people to turn their own ideas into reality and play their part in creating positive change.

Following the success of the two previous “Kenny Reports”, I have teamed up with a team of young authors to produce on the third report. Kenny Report three is entitled ‘Personalised Politics’, it’s the most innovative, thought provoking and revolutionary produced from “The Kenny Report” series so far.

All the Kenny Reports can be read and downloaded for free, just click any of the links below. I hope you enjoy the read!

Click here to download your copy of – The Kenny Report: How does politics and economics affect gangs and serious youth violence across the UK?

Click here to download your copy of – The Kenny Report 2: Is “Politics” for young people?

Click here to download your copy of – Kenny Report 3 – Summary

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